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About MyFPTori

MyFPTori is a social interactive forum that provides a platform for people to share their stories on family planning (FP) and sexual and reproductive health (SRH) experiences in Nigeria. MyFPTori is sponsored by The World Contraception Day (WCD) Ambassadors Project through the Rural Contraceptives Access Campaign (RCAC) project implemented in Nigeria by 2016 WCD ambassador – Adebisi Bidemi Adenipekun.

Encourage People

To encourage people (especially young people) to freely and willingly share their FP/SRH stories and experiences.

Share Thoughts

To provide a blog platform for young advocates to share their thoughts and opinion on how to improve young people’s access to SRH services in Nigeria.

Quick Reference

To be a quick reference for policy makers, program developer, government agencies willing to know people’s FP/SRH experiences.

MyFPTori Blog

Apr 7, 2017

Perspective of a Young Leader on Family Planning in Nigeria

Mar 14, 2017

Young people’s access to family planning is critical to solving tomorrow’s population crisis

Feb 6, 2017

Youth are the future and the future is now

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